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What's Happening With Asia Connect

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On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, an 18-year-old Indiana University student was stabbed multiple times in a horrific anti-Asian hate crime. Our thoughts go out to the victim of this horrible crime, to her family and friends, and to those who are affected by the racial violence. We ask you to stand with your Asian friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, and community members in condemning this act of hate. 

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AsiaConnect Cultural Colloquia

AsiaConnect Cultural Colloquia offers lectures, seminars, workshops, and panels that address various issues related to the culture of Asia in a broad sense, encompassing history, languages, politics, religions, economy and business, education, sciences, arts, literature, journalism, laws and ethics, music, movies and dramas, sports, folklore, and pop culture. Speakers and presenters will also address relevant intercultural issues as in the context of Asian culture in America and in the world.

The presentation materials from the previous colloquia are available in our Documents page.