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ASIA, The Continent of Superlatives

  • The Most Food-Producing

    Asia produces more food (rice, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, broccolis, bananas, apples, tea, ...) than any other continents.

  • The Largest

    30% of the world's land.

  • The Fastest-Growing

    Economic Growth (Asia has larger trade volume and more foreign reserves than any other continents).

  • The Most Populous

    Nearly 4.2 billion people (over 60% of the world's population).

  • The Most Dynamic

    Asia has the world's fastest computer (K Computer in Japan), tallest building (Burj Khalifa in Dubai), and most sensational entertainer (Psy from Korea).

  • The Most Diverse

    Ethnicity, Linguistics, Religions, and Cultural Identities (Asia has 50 countries, more than any other continents. Asia has more living languages than any other continents).


AsiaConnect is open to any faculty/staff member who is affiliated with Illinois State University and committed to the enhancement of the academic, social, and cultural environment of the Asian community. Membership is also open to interested members of the community. Registered members will receive special benefits and discounts for AsiaConnect events as well as have the voting right in AsiaConnect affairs.

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